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            Media Lab

            Community Media Lab Blog

            Community Media Lab is a public outreach project launched by providing a learning-based and collaborative environment where community contributors can experiment, learn and grow.


            Frye on the News

            Stephen Frye has covered the police beat and courts for The Oakland Press and now serves as online editor for


            Voices of Disability

            Jerry Wolffe works as the disability rights advocate for the Macomb-Oakland Regional Center and is a former reporter with The Oakland Press. He still writes the Voices of Disability column and created a blog for those who miss reading his articles in the paper. In his blog, he writes profiles of extraordinary people with disabilities, civil rights and inspires his readers and to help others find the way to a world where no one is judged by how they look or their talents but are loved because they are alive.


            Open Book

            Pat Caputo is a sports columnist for The Oakland Press who covered the Tigers from 1986-98, and the Lions from 1998-2002.

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